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Conquer Procrastination Course

Let today be the day you take control of your life and make meaningful progress towards achieving your goals and accomplishing your to-dos.

With 15-actionable lessons, the Procrastination eCourse gives you the theory, tools, and techniques you need to break free of your unproductive habit. 

Ready to say goodbye to last-minute stress, panic and the fear you can’t actually get it done? 

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what's included?

The Conquer Procrastination eCourse includes:

  • 15 Actionable Video Lessons
  • 100+ Page Printable & Digital Workbook
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planner Pages
  • Quiz to Discover Your Procrastination Personality
  • Seven Procrastinator Profiles
  • Phone and Desktop Backgrounds
  • Printable Wall Art Quotes
  • And so much more!
Conquer Procrastination is an absolute MUST for people who find themselves in the constant cycle of busy work, yet aren't making progress towards their big goals. By helping you understand the underlying reasons for why you're procrastinating, Nadalie's course will guide you through actionable strategies so that you get out of your own way and start getting results! The best part of the course is Nadalie's energy. She makes it fun and easy to start getting things done. Watching her videos is like video chatting with a super productive BFF—you always feel inspired afterward. Don't wait until the last minute to join Conquer Procrastination today!
Brigitte Granger
Founder/CEO of Supporti—the accountability partner app

Here's What You'll learn:

Starting with the psychology of procrastination you’ll finally understand why you put things off. Begin your journey to productivity, by taking the quiz to discover what type of procrastinator you are. 

In 6 modules you will:


Instant Access

The Conquer Procrastination course has truly transformed the way I work. I can now quickly identify my roadblocks and achieve any goal I set out. It used to take me days to get something done, and I would still sometimes screw things up. Not anymore! Nadalie broke things down to the core and made it super simple for me to get rid of my procrastination habit, once and for all! She truly helped me be my most productive self, and now I work smarter, not harder. I can't thank her enough!
Marina Lotaif

you might be wondering

The course starts the instant you enroll. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. You can binge all the lessons or take your time, the choice is yours. That means this course, including all the videos, printables, and bonuses are accessible to you 24-7 on-demand.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. You’ll also get access to all future updates and upgrades.

You can easily print the PDF file at home or at a print shop, using the “actual size” setting on your printer. The entire workbook is also form-fillable, so you can type right into it using a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat, or Preview on a Mac.

The $100+ in value bonuses are all accessible to you within the course. As soon as you check out securely with PayPal or Credit Card,  you’ll have immediate access to the course and all the bonuses. Claim your FREE month of Supporti, the accountability app, in Part #6. 

No worries at all! I’m here to answer each and every one of your questions. Just send me an email (info@itsallyouboo.com) any time.

What people are saying

Conquer procrastination is not only informative, it shows the background in the psychology of procrastination. But most of all it helps with ideas to set goals and to motivate myself. This is really helpful.
CPC Graduate
I love this course! It has inspired me to actually just START and my teen daughter really liked learning what type of procrastinator she was. That got her moving on an assignment she had been overthinking. I really loved that you are so relatable and not just what you say but how you say it is so motivational.
CPC Graduate

Hey boo, I'm Nadalie!

I’m a reformed procrastinator who went from needing the fire of a deadline, to living for the joy of having things done on time and early. You can too!


This course is based on my book, Conquer ProcrastinationI’ve taken these foundational lessons right from its pages and leveled them up with videos and worksheets to help you take action. 


Whether you’re working from home, an entrepreneur, a busy parent, or a student, with Conquer Procrastination you can take control of your life! How about we get started right now?

Ready to conquer procrastination?

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Procrastination is just a bad habit, it’s NOT who you are. You can break free from it.

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Nadalie's course is truly eye-opening. It will help you get to the root cause of why you procrastinate so that you're addressing your issues head-on—and making real, lasting changes—instead of just treating the symptoms. She's also a great teacher who makes you feel as though you're learning from a friend and cheerleader. She's approachable and always gives great real-life examples that help you relate the course material to your own life. No matter what your work style, there's a strategy in this course that will help you transform the way you get things done. I highly recommend it!
Carly Helfand

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