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Positive Mindset Mantras

It’s time to break free of all the negativity and become your best self. Everything’s better on the bright side! ☀️

With 50 powerful sayings, these Positive Mindset Mantras will help you conquer negative thinking and limiting beliefs in all areas of your life. 

Each mantra is beautifully designed, and ready to print for your home, office or wherever you need the inspiration. 

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what's included?

The 50 Positive Mindset Mantra are:

  • Short and powerful affirmations
  • Ready to print in large and small formats
  • Available in high-resolution JPEG + PDF files
  • Perfect for any space in your home or office
  • Beautifully designed to inspire you every day
  • Great additions to your journal, vision board or planner
These 50 positive mantras were the little push that I needed to truly believe in my success. I wanted to put together many affirmations to help me believe in myself but I got overwhelmed with all the possibilities out there! This is the shortcut you're looking for: 50 sentences you can read and repeat to yourself as much as you need to finally believe in yourself and in anything you do! And at this price, it's a steal.
Tamara Testimonial
Personal Development Zone

What type of mantras?

With these powerful affirmations, you’ll start:

Your Investment for FIFTY printable mantras is $36.

Instant Download

These Printable Positive Mantras are so cute! I love that I can print them out and have them by my computer so I'm in the right mindset before I even begin my workday. I have put them in my daily planner as well, so I always have a beautiful thought to help me feel more positive when I need it. These are so gorgeous and make me feel so positive and calm, I'm loving them so much.
bethany testimonial
Bethany Holt

you might be wondering

As soon as you securely check out with credit card or PayPal, you’ll receive two emails: the first is your receipt confirming your purchase and the second will contain a download link to the 50 Positive Mindset Mantras and your 3 bonuses. Each mantra is available as a high-resolution JPEG file, as well as a PDF. Plus, you don’t need a computer, you can access them from any device including your phone or tablet.

Just open, select, and print! Open up the folder with all fifty mantras. To help you easily find the one you’re looking for, each file is titled with the mantra, for example, “15. I have the power to create the life I truly desire.jpg.” Choose the mantra you’d like to print, open it up on any image viewer program such as Preview on Mac, File Explorer on Windows, or Adobe Acrobat. Then select print, choose a size (full sheet or smaller), and send it to your printer.

These positive mantras are for your own personal use only. That means you can print them to decorate your home or office, frame and display, add to your journal or diary, post to your vision board, or any other personal use. You may not sell, use them to create products or freebies, upload them on social media, or distribute them in any way. Be sure to read the full license included with your purchase. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

What people are saying

These Positive Mindset Mantras are so inspiring! They keep me motivated and positive even during difficult times. They're great to start the day off on the right foot by overcoming business struggles, appealing to how I'm feeling at any given moment, and overwhelming hardships. I find myself reading them over and over throughout the day whenever I need an extra boost. Definitely a must-have!
Yes to Tech
Wow. I couldn’t be happier with this lovely mantra bundle. These are exactly the best quotes I needed to feel inspired and motivated every day I wake up. I am in love with this collection. All of them. I used a few for my room wall, and the rest for table frames. I still have so many of them with me so I can use them later. You can do the same and decorate your walls. I also really like how unique and creative each are.
She Means Blogging

Hey boo, I'm Nadalie!

I know from personal experience that if you believe you can, you will!

If you lack the confidence, are trapped by fear, or even if you’re always playing the “what if” game, you need to be more positive. And yes, if you’re unhappy and unmotivated, you could do with some positivity too. 

Without a positive outlook I would never have been able to quit the 9 to 5 life, build a profitable blog and a second online business. I would have given up, I would have never even tried.

These Positive Mindset Mantras have got me through tough times and more hard days than I can count. To this day, they keep me inspired, motivated and moving towards my dreams. 

This is powerful stuff. No joke, they can change your life if you let them. Fill your mind and your life with positivity and prepare to be amazed at how strong, capable and committed you become. I believe in you, do you?

Ready to think more positively?

Click below to get your 50 mantras.

The secret to living the life of your dreams is believing you can.  

Take your first step today with these positive mantras. 

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OMG, I just love these Positive Mantras! Each one is perfectly worded and speaks right to my heart. I had so much fun creating an inspirational wall in my office. Every morning I feel ready to take on the day. Thank you, Nadalie!
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