you should focus on your… 

Communal Life

That's you in relation to your community + it's members

( PART 1 OF 2 )

things to consider...

Where do you belong? How can you get more involved?

Do you feel like a member of your neighborbood, your work place, or your school community? 

Why or why not?

Step 1: Choose a Goal

To focus on your communal life, consider a goals that deepen your connection to your community. Remember, your community can be whatever you define it as.  It can also be online or in-person.


– Join online communities that interest you
– Sign up for Meet Up and attend more events
– Participate in local community events
Socialize with your community members or neighbors more
– Start a community project or initiative
– Run for local government or support a local candidate
Support or fundraise for local food banks
– Organize donations for local charity or shelter
– Participate in neighborhood clean-up or adopt a road project
–  Volunteer to be a crossing guard or join a neighbourhood watch

So, What's Next?

Choosing a specific goal to improve your communal life is just the beginning.

You also need a plan for reaching your goal

A simple, step-by-step plan to success. #nostress

Ready to create one?

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“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

pps. spoiler alert – it will help you slay your goals.

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