you should focus on your… 

Physical Life

That's your body + overall physical health

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things to consider...

Are you taking care of yourself? How can you be healthier?

What problems have you been ignoring, but you know you need to address?

What small changes can you make to improve your physical life?

Step 1: Choose a Resolution

To focus on your physical life in 2021, consider a New Years Resolution that addresses what you eat and drink, your sleeping habits, your level of physical fitness and how well you care for your body and your health.


Detox or cleanse your body from sugars and toxins
– Pack healthy lunches and eat out less
Drink more water and reduce caffeine intake
Get more rest or improve your sleeping habits
 – Take dance, martial arts or physical activity classes
– Practice Tai Chi or another relaxing practice
– Develop a sacred self-care ritual for yourself
– Diagnose an allergy by doing an elimination diet
Start exercising for at least 30 minutes every day
– Quit smoking or drink less alcohol

So, What's Next?

Choosing a specific resolution to improve your physical life is just the beginning.

You also need a plan for reaching your resolution

A simple, step-by-step plan to success. #nostress

Ready to create one?

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“Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone.”

– Sangram Singh

pps. spoiler alert – it will help you slay your goals.

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