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then, this goals planner is just what you need.

The Slay Your Goals Planner is the ultimate goals plannerwith all you need to set goals + create a step-by-step plan to achieve them.


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I’m not freakin’ kidding you guys this planner changed my life. It is hands-down the most thorough, comprehensive goal planner I’ve ever used thus far without being overwhelming. Every step I took, page-by-page in this planner felt beneficial, intentional, and just plain right.
Going With Happy

what's included?

The Printable Slay Your Goals Planner includes:

  • Motivational quotes when you need them the most
  • Guiding prompts and reflection questions at every step
  • Date-free pages for any day, week, month and year
  • Multiples designs and layouts to choose from
  • Printable as many times as you need
  • Form-fillable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

What people are saying

Wow! This planner is BEAUTIFUL!
It's exactly what you need if you find yourself feeling directionless, uninspired, or stagnant. This is a planner that will dazzle you and light the fire under your a** at the same time!
Danielle Leslie
Course From Scratch
The Slay Your Goals Planner is so well organized and has broken down everything for you to make goal setting and accomplishing less overwhelming. With the way everything is laid out, it really makes your goals feel achievable. And the design is SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!​
Mary elle
Mary Teaches

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Featuring six chapters:

Set Your Intention

Discover the path you should take by setting your intention.  Greater than any goal you set, your intention acts as your true north.

  • Set Your Intention Worksheet
  • Your Life in Fast Forward
  • Intention Life Grid and Pie Chart
  • Letter of Intention Template

Choose Your #1 Goal

Setting your direction and priorities, your #1 goal is where you’re aiming to be in the next year. 

  • Goal Digging Brainstorm
  • Investigate Your Intention
  • Intention Prism, Mindmap + Triangle
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals and R.I.G.H.T. Goals

Select 4 "Mini" Goals

Keeping you motivated with the quick wins, “mini” goals are your stepping stones to success. 

  • Investigate Your Goal Worksheets
  • Goal SWAT Analysis
  • Goals Mind Map
  • Quarterly Forecast

Plan Your Year

Map out your year with ease using fillable yearly and monthly planner pages.

  • One Page Yearly Plan
  • Strategic Planning Road Map
  • 2021 + 2022 Yearly Calendars
  • Yearly Goals Overview
  • Fillable Yearly & Monthly Planners

Crush Your To-Dos

Learn how to hack your to-do list by focusing only on what’s important and urgent. 

  • Quarterly Goals Flowchart
  • Monthly Goal Planners & Trackers
  • Priority Matrix
  • To-do list Template
  • Fillable Weekly &  Daily Planners

Review Your Goals

Knowing where things went right and wrong is key to overcoming challenges and setbacks. 

  • Month in Review One-Pager
  • Year in Review One-Pager
  • Reflect on Your Month Worksheets
  • Journal & Reflection Pages

get the slay your goals planner now for only $17.

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